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Quick links: MFYBAL overview, weeks 1, 23, 4, 5, 6.

Welcome to Week 5 of the Monster Feet Yarn Bomb Along!

It’s the home stretch! This week we crochet the optional claws or toenails. If you’re making the bare version, you get a week off. Next week we’ll install our monster feet!

Remember, it’s never too late to join inGo at your own pace, fast or slow. All the resources will remain on the web! Each week is listed at the top and bottom of each post for quick reference.

We’re going live

In lieu of our usual silly video tutorial this week, we are going live! We’ll hook up a claw and a toenail and discuss what’s been happening in the forum. This is a great chance to ask questions and get our feedback before installing next week. Or maybe you’ve jumped ahead and want to share how it went. Chat at us in the live video!

To tune in, hop over to our Instagram or our Facebook page at noon Pacific time on Sunday, June 3. Look for our “Story”. You’ll see options to comment during the broadcast. We’ll all see a live stream of your comments that we can chat about. Don’t worry if you miss it. After we go live we’ll post the video here.

Claws & Toenails

The pattern is pretty straightforward this week. You’ve learned all the skills needed for these embellishments elsewhere.

A couple tips for shaping and placement.

Claws should be very lightly stuffed to maintain their shape. It’s easy to overdo it and get a sausage-looking claw. An unstuffed claw may actually look pointier than an overstuffed one. You can also pull and prod your “cone” into shape a bit. Play around with where you sew them to the toes. Maybe a little higher for a bear claw look. Or at wacky angles for a monster-y look. You can even angle them by sewing one side a row into the claw so it points that direction.

Toenails should be rounded on one side and flat on the other. The flat side is the tip of the toe, and the round side is the “cuticle”. The last round makes a nice finished edge. To maintain this while sewing it on, thread the yarn just “below” the front and back loop of that last round. Watch our live video for clarification here.

Until next week, see you online!


Lorna & Jill


Quick links: MFYBAL overview, weeks 1, 23, 4, 5, 6.