Monster Feet Yarn-Bomb-Along

Quick links: MFYBAL overview, weeks 1, 23, 4, 5, 6.

Dip a toe in

Want to try yarn bombing but not sure where to start? Let us show you the ropes. 

Lots of crafters want to try yarn bombing, but don’t know how to begin. Some just need advice and a pep talk. Or maybe you already love to yarn bomb and just want to come play with us. Let’s empower each other to express ourselves through craft!

Join us on our first crochet Yarn-Bomb-Along. Starting Saturday May 5th, 2018 we release a new Monster Feet Yarn Bomb crochet pattern (Etsy, Ravlery). For six leisurely weeks, we’ll all crochet with the pattern at our own pace and on our own time, with lots of support from each other. (Knitters, stay tuned: the next one is for you!)

When you finish your Monster Feet, you’ll sew them somewhere silly and voilà, you’ll be a yarn bomber too!

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Knits for Life Monster Feet Yarn Bomb Crochet Pattern CC BY-ND 4.0


The Monster Feet Yarn Bomb crochet pattern includes instructions to make three variations: feet, feet with claws, and feet with toenails. You can get creative with the rest of your yarn bomb like we did with the pink loop stitch.


Knits for Life Monster Feet Yarn Bomb Crochet Pattern CC BY-ND 4.0


This design works great indoors as playful home decor, or outdoors as a surprising gift to your community. We’ll show you how to crochet legs to fit any size object, be it a pole, post, chair leg, or mailbox. 


Knits for Life Monster Feet Yarn Bomb Crochet Pattern CC BY-ND 4.0

What you’ll get

  • Weekly step-by-step video and photo tutorials
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • An internet forum just for this project where we’ll all hang out and share
  • A digital copy of our professionally edited and tested pattern (The Yarn-Bomb-Along is free, but you will need to purchase your own copy of the pattern and the materials.)

What you’ll need

  • Beginner to advanced beginner crochet skills (US half double crochet stitch and below)
  • 5-10 hours (depending on your speed) over six weeks, May 5-June 9, 2018
  • Desktop or mobile internet access
  • The pattern ($5 on Etsy and Ravlery)
  • Materials (see below)


  • 200 yd worsted weight acrylic yarn
  • optional 20 yd worsted weight acrylic yarn for claws or toenails
  • crochet hook H/8 5 mm – J/10 6 mm
  • tapestry needle
  • removable stitch marker
  • fiberfill
  • soft measuring tape


We’ll host each week’s progress in a post on our site, linked below. Posts go live Saturdays at 8am U.S. East Coast time.

  • Week 1 (May 5): Get your pattern and materials, Introductions, Join the internet forum, Choose an installation site
  • Week 2 (May 12): Crochet basics, Make the toes
  • Week 3 (May 19): Join the toes, Make the feet
  • Week 4 (May 26): Calculate your leg size, Make the legs
  • Week 5 (June 2): Make the claws or toenails, Assemble
  • Week 6 (June 9): Live Q&A, Install your yarn bomb!

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There’s no limit to the number of participants. We are so excited to meet you all and watch these silly Monster Feet grow and stomp forth into the wild!


Lorna & Jill


Quick links: MFYBAL overview, weeks 1, 23, 4, 5, 6.