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Lorna and Jill Watt


We’re Lorna and Jill Watt, two sisters at Claremont Art Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Born and bred in the Silicon Valley, our NorCal roots go all the way back to the Gold Rush. We embrace innovation and entrepreneurship, but choose to work as a small hands-on team of two.

Custom tailoring, insane details, professionalism and zero outsourcing makes our work instantly recognizable. If you have an idea that uses string, we can do it.

Our current focus is on custom installations and DIY needle arts patterns. We create both commissioned installations and guerrilla-style public art. We self-publish knitting and crochet patterns as instant downloads in several online shops.

Self-taught makers, our story started in college. Jill studied at San Jose State University and Lorna studied at San Francisco State University then Michigan State University. While getting her Masters in Michigan, Lorna made Jill stay one winter when we’d both taken up knitting and crocheting. Sparks flew and Lorna moved back to California after graduation. Stitch by stitch, we’ve pursued our dream of bringing imaginations to life with yarn ever since.

Our other interests include international travel, photography, animation, set and prop design, and–let’s be honest–lunching and cats.


Pattern help: Please bring any questions about a pattern you purchased over to the Knits for Life group on Ravelry. The answer may already be there!

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