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Lorna and Jill Watt


We’re Lorna and Jill Watt, two sisters working out of the Claremont Art Studios in San Mateo, California. Self taught knitters and crocheters, we believe in using the right tool for the job. Sometimes that’s micro crocheting by hand, sometimes it’s using one of several vintage knitting machines.

Our current focus is on patterns for hobbyists and installations for fun or for clients. We design both knitting and crochet patterns for hobbyists, which we self-publish as instant downloads in our online shops. We also yarnbomb for commissioned installations and guerrilla-style street art. In 2014 we started self-publishing an occasional yarnbombing zine called Fuse. Occasionally we create items for sale and teach introductory knitting. If you’re interested in any of these or have a question, we’d love to hear from you.

Born and bred in the Silicon Valley, we’re fifth-generation Californians who’ve traveled and lived around the world. Jill studied at San Jose State University and Lorna studied at San Francisco State University and Michigan State University. In 2010 while getting her Masters in Michigan, Jill visited for Christmas and we’d both taken up knitting and crocheting. Sparks flew, Jill stayed til February, and Lorna moved back to California that fall. We’ve been pursuing our dream of bringing our imaginations to life with yarn ever since.

Our other interests include photography, animation, set and prop design, and–let’s be honest–lunching and cats.

Pattern help: Please bring any questions about a pattern you purchased over to the Knits for Life group on Ravelry. The answer may already be there!


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