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New Crochet Pattern: Snake Yarnbomb

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We love yarnbombing street art that transforms everyday objects into surprising characters. While we expected kids to love these crochet yarnbombs, we were surprised how much these characters took adults out of their daily doldrums by adding a little fun to their lives too. Now with this yarnbomb crochet pattern, you can help fill the world with whimsy and bring a smile to the faces in your neighborhood. Purchase this Snake Yarnbomb Crochet Pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, or Craftsy.   Snake yarnbomb crochet pattern This new snake yarnbomb crochet pattern includes instructions for a ridgeback or flat body. It also suggests how to adjust the pattern for extra small or large poles. We’ve found that most public works departments use poles of similar sizes, so these should fit most bike racks, meters, and signposts. If you want to learn more about how to make custom fitting yarnbombs, be sure to take Ishnknits’s excellent self-paced online yarnbombing course here. Snake yarnbomb crochet pattern The snake yarnbomb crochet pattern is worked from the top down. You’ll make two lips, then join them and continue working the body. The mouth, eyes, optional fangs and forked tongue are worked separately, then sewn on. You crochet the body as a flat rectangle, which you’ll then sew onto the pole. We recommend installing in broad daylight so people can tell you how much they love your work–because we guarantee they will. snake yarnbomb crochet pattern Play around with colors and invent your own embellishments. Here are some other snake and worm yarnbombs we’ve crocheted and knit in all kinds of colors on all kinds of bike racks. Snake yarnbomb crochet patternSnake yarnbomb crochet patternSnake yarnbomb crochet pattern Snake yarnbomb crochet pattern Snake yarnbomb crochet pattern You can get inspiration from our other crazy yarnbombs. But most importantly, express your imagination! Have you ever tried yarnbombing? Tell me about your yarnbombs and feel free to ask a question in a comment below. xxxo, Lorna & Jill


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