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New Crochet Pattern: Monkey Business

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This past spring Jill and I turned a preschool gate into a knit and crochet banana forest with a cheeky amigurumi monkey stealing a banana. Our current yarnbomb installation is always our favorite, because we never want to let it go. Fortunately we’re learning to write things down when we improvise new designs, so we can make more for ourselves!

Monkey Business Crochet pattern
What’s better than a crochet monkey? Two!

This amigurumi monkey crochet pattern was just too cute not to share, so we worked her up in two sizes: like a baby and a mother. This new crochet toy pattern is just one set of instructions, with guidelines on how to use it for a crochet monkey toy in a variety of sizes.

Monkey Business Crochet pattern
Get up to some monkey business with this new crochet pattern for a monkey toy in two sizes.

Any yarn weight works for this project. The small crochet monkey uses a small hook, yarn held single, and single crochet stitches throughout. The large crochet monkey uses a larger hook, yarn held double, and half double crochet stitches. You can use this simple trick on almost any pattern where gauge and fit aren’t critical.

Monkey Business Crochet pattern
Amigurumi might as well be Japanese for : build lots of character with super simple crochet shapes.
Monkey Business Crochet Pattern HR4
For best results, always stitch a catch light in the eye! >*-*<
Monkey Business Crochet pattern
Learn to crochet an amigurumi monkey in seven easy pieces.

Want an even smaller crochet monkey? Experiment with smaller hooks and thread or lace weight yarn for a miniature plushie.

Want a jumbo crochet monkey? Break out the jumbo hooks and bulky yarn held double for a play room pillow pal.

For our monkey yarnbomb gaps in the fabric were ok, so we went up a few hook sizes from what’s appropriate for the total yarn weight.

crochet Monkey yarnbomb
See how much monkey business will your new crochet toy will get up to.

Hopefully by now we’ve hammered it into your head to take some judicious liberties with your amigurumi patterns for more creative results. In other words, have fun and be sure to get up to some monkey business!

Purchase my new Monkey Business crochet pattern now on Ravelry, Etsy, or Craftsy. I look forward to seeing your projects!