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Jumbo Knit Flags for Old Navy

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We’re admitting it: working on client projects is often even more fun than working our own! We’ve put a lot of thought into why this is and the short answer is: the power to bring any idea to life.

Often our client works for a growing small business or large company. She’s piecing together an idea to activate an interactive space in a way that attracts customers or engages employees and clients. Stitches, string, and yarn fit the vision, but she needs a specialist to execute it. She googles around and voilà: problem solved. We two crazy-passionate dreamers and makers have experience doing it on budget, on schedule, and to specs…all with a combination of professionalism and silly fun posted on SnapChat.

Honestly, when an inquiry comes in, we giggle. Projects like this are a crazy dare. For all the flack committees get, teams build great projects! Our clients have great visions like candy-colored PMS charts or storyboards. We have expertise about fiber selection and feasibility. But our obsession with detail can’t bog us down because there’s a deadline! The stakes are high! Together, the team’s project exceeds expectations again and again.

Start the music, light the lights, another dream is alive. This is the best part!

jumbo knit pride flag old navy

jumbo knit us flag old navy

We invite you to feel our excitement in unveiling our newest project: we hand knit custom-fit jumbo flags to wrap four Old Navy flagship stores in rainbows and red white and blue for the Pride Parade and Fourth of July window displays. Hop on over to San Francisco’s 4th & Market flagship, Chicago’s State Street flagship, or New York’s 18th Street and 34th Street flagships to see them while they’re up and pick up some #OldNavyStyle. You may remember that we yarnbombed a truck and bumper cars at Old Navy’s flagships during the last holiday season. Their team of designers and producers is so creative, fun and organized–we loved working with them again!

jumbo knit us flag old navy

jumbo knit us flag old navy

jumbo knit us flag old navy

jumbo knit us flag old navy

jumbo knit pride flag old navy 1

For our kindred maker and doer spirits who want to knit your own flag (albeit probably a bit smaller!), we put together a photo tutorial on how to make fabric yarn all in one piece. We’ll also post a tutorial on the strain-free technique we developed for jumbo knitting, including how to make jumbo knitting needles for $10. Sign up for our newsletter to learn when the post goes live.

jumbo knit fabric flag order



jumbo knit flag old navy

jumbo knit flag old navy 5

jumbo knit fabric flag process

jumbo knit flag old navy 4

jumbo knit flag old navy 2

jumbo knit flag old navy 6

Remember to keep up with the behind-the-scenes photos over on Instagram and follow our story on SnapChat at KnitsForLife.


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