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You’ve probably repinned Hanasaurusrex‘s famous meter monsters on Pinterest and thought, “now THAT’S a yarnbomb! Can I get a pattern for that?” You’re right! And sadly, no, but that’s why you should stand up right now and spin around so fast that you get dizzy, then toss your head back and let your imagination careen around until it confesses what YOU want to say on the streets with your yarnbombs. Try it!

Hannah’s famous for her ability to design anything cool and cute in knit or crochet. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite projects of hers:

Hanasaurusrex yarnbombs

Last year I had the honor of inviting Hannah to contribute to a local crowdfunding sculpture, for which she designed the red squid yarnbomb above. So lucky! If you don’t have one of her micro-crochet pendants so you can have a little Hanasaurusrex around your neck 24/7 like I do, you should go get one right now in her shop. Can you tell Hannah is one of my yarnbombing heroes? OK, enough gushing.

I lied! I’m about to gush all over this post with squee and giggles and Wayne’s World-style prostration and adoration. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Because seriously guys, look what Hanasaurusrex just dropped on the world of street art at Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014.

mermaid yarnbomb

I yarnbomb for a lot of reasons. But, I guess, the main reasons would be… I love creating pieces that really capture people’s imaginations. I am a very conceptual artist; my yarnbombs will almost always have a concept behind them. I am trying to create a memory that will last past the life of the piece, which when out in the elements can be very short.

mermaid yarnbombs

I love seeing people interact with my pieces… touching the fabric, taking pictures with the work… it’s so much fun and I can tell it’s fun for the other person too.

mermaid yarnbombs

In my researching mermaids, though, I found there were many different interpretations of their folklore. I decided upon naming them Daughters of Triton, because Triton was a merman with two daughters, Pallas and Athena. (Although, I do not think Pallas and Athena are represented as mermaids in Greek mythology; I took some artist liberties.) I liked that Athena, among other things, was the goddess of arts and crafts.

mermaid yarnbombs

 (For) two months, I worked anywhere between 10 and 16 hours a day, seven days a week, knitting or crocheting. They are the largest project (in size) I have done to date.

mermaid yarnbombsRead Honolulu Academy of Art’s whole interview with Hannah here. Get your daily dose of knitting and crochet inspiration by following Hanasaurusrex on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to pop over and give her the love she deserves!

mermaid yarnbombs




  • OH.MAH.Gaaaaad woman! I don’t know what to say! Except THANK YOU! Thank you, and I love you too. I do. I feel the same way about your works 😀 I’m all drippy sweet from your generous gushing and I’m seriously touched. Thank you so much. XO!

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