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Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern is Here

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I have a confession to make

I don’t go to local yarn shops because they bore me. Gasp! *Shields head from crockery sailing out of the interwebs towards me* Phewf! That was a close one. If you’re still listening because you kind of agree, raise your hand! See, I knew we were buddies. You guys are the ones I’m looking at as I announce my new crochet pattern. DOO-do-do-DOO!

Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern

Oppa crafty style! Op, op, op, op…

I’m excited to announce that the crochet pattern for my popular crochet bling scarf is here! After dozens of orders for these handmade scarves, I’ve refined the size and shape to the perfect level of crafty swagger. Orders keep pouring in for gifts, and even repeat customers return for one in every color. Take it from me, everyone you know will insist you hook them up. (Wink, wink–get it?)

Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern

Maximum effect, minimum effort

This is a perfect beginner’s pattern, using only slip stitches and single crochet, with no special skills. Each scarf takes about 3-4 hours, so you can finish it in a single evening. Be adventurous with alternating colors, or one color for each wrap length.

You can use about 450 yds of worsted weight yarn, or about 225 yds of bulky or super bulky weight yarn. Plus, it describes how to scale the length for a scarf that wraps around once, twice, thrice, or more!

Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern

Get this pattern now

Download the pattern now in my Ravelry store here and join my entourage here to stay up to date with new knitting and crochet pattern anouncements.

Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern

Show me your crafty swagger pics in your new crochet bling on Instagram! Use @knitsforlife or #knitsforlife.


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