Help yarn bomb San Mateo

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Calling all silly people!

If you’ve never yarn bombed before, this is a perfect way to start! And if you’re a pro, it’s a great chance do something epic because we have permission to yarn bomb almost anything! When the local Public Works department saw an article about my pay phone yarn bomb, they invited me to help beautify the city on clean up day with more yarn bombs. Now I’m inviting you to yarn bomb with me, either in person or by mail.

Downtown San Mateo yarn bombHow it works

On Saturday, April 20th at 8 am, hundreds of kids and adults will meet in Central Park to converge on Downtown San Mateo to paint, yarn bomb, plant flowers, scrub, and rescue litter. In just 3 hours, we’ll make it look like we just installed candy stores and smell-o-vision. Oh yeah! At 11, we’ll shake off our gloves, wipe our brows, and head over to Central Park for a big party with food, drinks, and music. How awesome is San Mateo to have a spring cleaning party? I love my town!

During the clean up, I’ll lead teams of volunteers to sew on yarn bombs that I crochet in advance. These will be the silliest, funnest yarn bombs ever seen. In the pipeline are monster feet, lollipops, flying pigs, and more! If you want to bring or mail your own yarn bomb, even better. Come point with pride and say, “I did that!”

Makeover subjects

Here are some of the things we’ll yarn bomb on clean up day. It’s practically anything goes, so if you have an idea, throw it out there. I especially need feet for mail boxes and long rectangles for bike racks. Feet can be any size attached to an 8″ flat square to wrap like a sock, and bike racks segments are 8″ wide and any length.  Downtown San Mateo yarn bomb

Join us, or spread the word

Leave a comment below or email me at knitsforlife at gmail dot com to participate in person or by mail.

Tweet or post this to Facebook: “I’m yarn bombing at the 1st Annual Downtown San Mateo Spring Clean Up. Join me! https://knitsforlife.com/?p=1318 #crochet #knitting #sanmateo”

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Download the Clean Up Day flyer here and post it in the area.

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These yarn bombs are ready to be sewn on by YOU

Frog Feet and Lollipop yarnbomb Frog Feet and Lollipop yarnbomb Frog Feet and Lollipop yarnbomb Frog Feet and Lollipop yarnbomb


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