The world’s best yarn storage idea

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Update: Check out our new even bigger peg board yarn wall here.

yarn storage

Your yarn storage is a mess because of this conflict:

Yarn companies want you to buy the yarn. You want to use the yarn. The ideal ball of yarn for each goal is different. You will buy a ball of yarn that is soft, squishy, and that looks big for the price. Plus, small-batch hank producers want to invest in less equipment and reduce labor. But, when it comes to using the yarn, you need to find the end, create good tension, and–let’s face it–store it with the ungodly amount of yarn they’ve already suckered you into taking home. You want to use a ball of yarn that has a conspicuous end hanging out of the middle of a compact center-pull ball.

I can never find the yarn end by Natalie Dee

So, while you’d love to be like Vanna White and have a pretty pedestal bowl for your five skeins of yarn, well… seriously? Do you KNOW how much YARN I have, Vanna? Do you KNOW how fast MY cat (who isn’t a designer Bengal cat, but a fluffy rescue cat that’s way cuter than yours!) would POUNCE on that bowl of yours, DESTROYING those pretty skeins?

A Cat is Kicked Out of A Yarn Shop.Yeah, thanks, Vanna, but no. I don’t even know where you’d get a fancy pedestal bowl like that.

Right now you’re using drawers, baskets, and zip-lock bags. All good ideas, but kind of a pain in the ass to access, and starting to fill every crevice you can find. Plus, they’re missing one big thing. If you have a yarn problem, you probably love gorgeous things. Why keep your best treasures in the dark?

Yarn storage idea: Peg board yarn wall

The result: you need to upgrade your yarn storage solution.

But you’re in luck! Google “yarn storage” and take your pick from over 21 million ideas. Uh… OK, you have standards. Let’s refine that and Google “yarn organization”. Good, now you just have 13 million options. Sigh.

OK let’s look at Pinterest. That’s the better way to look for things like this anyway. (type type type, enter). Woah, that looks awesome! Oh my god, I like that one. Ooooo, so pretty. What else is on that board? OMG I have to repin that now. Squee! Oreos baked inside chocolate chip cookies!? Genius! I’m craving cupcakes now. Isn’t it perfect weather for baking? Oh shit, my cat is eating my yarn!

Oh, internet, you’re as mischievously useful as Aladdin’s Genie, aren’t you?

Try another angle. Jill at The Dapper Toad made a list of her needs: “For me, the ideal yarn storage solution has 3 qualities. It must be: easily accessible, out of the way, and nicely displayed. There are countless ways to store yarn that meets 1 or 2 of these ideals, but never all three! It’s the elusive yarn lover’s trifecta!”

She took a page from makers (those people us crafters date and marry), for storage ideas. Yarn, hooks, and needles are our materials and tools. How do makers store materials and tools?

Yarn Storage Peg Board by The Dapper Toad

Now that’s crafty! Jill even put the peg board behind the door, turning and unused space into a useful one.

Yarn Storage Peg Board by The Dapper Toad

Sold! I’m always rearranging my apartment. I have this little nook that wasn’t working as an office, but would work perfectly as a yarn studio. Plus, think of all that closet space I’d get back! I rearranged (again) and enlisted Jill for help. Let me show you what we did.

What you need to make a peg board yarn storage wall

Back to our initial conflict. You have lots of skeins and hanks that are hard to work with and bulky to store. The first thing you need is like a little eight pound six ounce baby Jesus: a yarn winder. This one is a good balance of quality and price.

Cute retro yarn winder

Winding is fast, easy, and fun! I recommend holding the strand as you wind to give it some tension. It will wind better and create a more compact ball. Winding alone reduced my yarn storage by a third: from 15 ANTONIUS IKEA drawers to just 10!

Peg board and hooks are cheap and sold at most hardware stores. Boards come in 2×4-foot sections: combine or tailor cut them to your space. For each board, be sure to pick up a set of the spacers and screws that hold the peg board away from the wall a little, where the hooks poke through and anchor. They’re usually with the hooks, not the boards. Hooks come in all shapes and sizes: I recommend two- and four-inch straight hooks. Check the combo packs to get the best deal.

Once you screw in your wall and wind your yarn, the fun part starts! I spent hours meticulously color-matching my enormous stash. It was interesting to discover what colors I have and wonder whether that means I don’t use them or like to buy them.

Yarn Storage Idea Peg BoardSo many peg board attachments exist, that you’ll start rethinking all your storage systems. I created rails by laying dowels across peg board hooks and hung some IKEA storage cups from them. I also hung some IKEA cloth baskets. You can even lay your long knitting needles across peg board hooks.

Yarn storage idea: Peg board yarn wallWith a cozy chair and a good lamp nearby, you can even knit or crochet off the wall!

Yarn storage idea: Peg board yarn wall

Installing my yarn wall only took an afternoon and was super gratifying. I can’t stop taking pictures with it. Knitting and crocheting in my little nook is so invigorating now. Everything is instantly accessible and a cinch to put away. When people come over they’re in awe. Personally, I’m in awe of all my empty closet space!

Yarn storage idea: Peg board yarn wall

What yarn storage ideas do you currently use? I’d love to see and swap ideas! Tag your Instagram pics with #knitsforlife to show me or tweet them to me @knitsforlife.

Yarn storage idea: Peg board yarn wall

All this knitting and crocheting in my new studio nook has been productive. Coming up I’m posting a free leg warmer pattern for those of you still weathering out the cold, and for the lucky ones enjoying spring, a geometric crochet bracelet photo tutorial (in neon colors!) using embroidery floss. Catch them by adding me to your Feedly or Bloglovin’ RSS feed, or following me on Facebook.

Peg Board Yarn Storage Idea

Peg Board Yarn Storage Idea

Until next time!



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  • So beautiful! But not for knitters with pets. In my house, what didn’t end up on the ground as a cat toy would be covered with dog hair. 🙂

    • No pets here but, well many bath tub sized bins of yarn. I finally got it sorted into like types and am now getting together my discontinued stashes of stuff like Dazzleaire together. I like machine knitting yarn cones on a ledge above the windows and doorways of a sewing room, covered with food storage bags to protect from dust.

  • I love it!!! I’m just wondering about how much dust the yarn collects being exposed like that..since i have more than I’ll ever use in a couple lifetimes! I have mine in bins and clear large space bags, but it is a space killer and would love to do this…maybe hanging a clear plastic dropcloth over it as a curtain would work? thanks for the great idea 🙂

    • Pat, you and islandspindler pose a great question. I think the top balls are most prone, and I think I could dust them. I go through it pretty fast, with my business, so it won’t build up. But most of the yarn is protected by being wedged in or on the inside of the skein. Thanks for the comment!

    • You could always take a 2×4 and create a small shelf above it to help keep the dust off the top and make curtains to cover the rest of the yarn. Close when youre not using it. Should keep everything pretty much dust free.

    • Islandspindler (ha!, love it!), good points! We don’t need to worry about moths, fortunately, but I hadn’t thought of dust. The top balls are most prone, since the others are pretty much wedged together. I think I could bat most of it off, and most of the yarn on the inside of the skein would be protected. If I lived in Michigan still, you’re right, I might need to wedge some moth balls in there!

      • Never moth balls!! They leave behind a horrible chemical and awful smell. Lavender sachets are much better and smell so nice.They keep away moths and the moth larvae that is so damaging to wool. A cloth cover could be installed to the top of the peg board and rolled down to cover yarn like a roman shade and put up to expose the lovely yarns whenever you wanted.Get a lovely fabric and it doubles the corner look. Love how your wall looks.

  • Okay, that is an awesome yarn organization wall! I love how well you coordinated the colors. It looks like a big puff of colors, flowers!!! Really awesome. Thank you for sharing. While my stash is so little, like only 4 skeins, lol. I could certainly file this idea away for when my stash gets bigger.

    Where did you get the yarn winder? I’ve never seen that.

    • Thanks, Dianne! I took most of the afternoon anally organizing the colors, as you guessed. I didn’t want it to look like a rainbow, but wanted the color blocks in order to be more visually impactful. I think it worked too! The problem now is finding places to add new yarn… wait, what? It’s true!
      The yarn winder is from Amazon. There’s a hyperlink in the post near its picture to the one I purchased there. One of the best values I’ve ever found! My sister has used cheaper ones that have broken, so I definitely recommend that one.

  • Love your idea and comments to Vanna! How long did it take you to rewind all of your yarn? At this point, I feel like I could open my own yarn store, so this project would take me a while. Any suggestions for fabric storage?

    • Hi Judy! I spent hours and hours winding all my yarn. Honestly, it was the hardest part! On the other hand, if you love yarn, it’s kind of a nice project because you get to have your hands all over it. Some of them flew lint everywhere and I had to wear a bandana mask to breathe! So funny. You get good and fast at it, and now me and my yarn winder are best buddies. Definitely do it!
      I have a finicky sewing machine, which has prevented me from developing a love affair with sewing and fabric, so my storage solution is to give it all to my sister. I even overpay for quarters instead of buying yards so I don’t end up with extra. Sounds like you’ve just given my sister a new storage problem to solve!

      • Some where between the yarn, fabric and all the doodads that go with them, is a yarn winder I purchased several years ago. It sounds like a time consuming, but relaxing project. Thanks.

      • Good idea for yarn, but I don’t have much wall space. right now I have those huge blue ziploc storage bags holding my yarn. I have my fabric in huge blue rubbermaid containers, all labelled according to color, of course. 🙂 My out of season clothes are under the bed in the huge bags. I really should get ride of some of the yarn and fabric, and maybe the clothes, but haven’t found anyone who loves the stuff, and they need good homes. BTW, my sister’s name is Lorna.

  • I was always told that you should not wind the yarn until you are ready to use it so that it would not lose it’s “elasticity”. Is this true? I love this idea.

    • Great question, Carol. I haven’t had any problems, but I had to look around a little to see if anyone else has. A little research into yarn winders, turned up another of its design features. The large core that you wind on is large for a reason: when you remove the ball, it has plenty of room to slowly unwind in on itself, relieving the tension created when winding. Combined with winding with less tension in the first place, I think your yarns should be safe!

    • That’s what I’ve heard, too, Carol Brown (March 27, 2013). It is more compact after the winder does its job. It also doesn’t allow for any “squishing” as you look through your stash to select for a project.

      • Just an observation that the cakes can be hung by their sides, rather than their top/bottom, so that you can fit even more yarn, more compactly.

  • loved your blog post- it gave me a good laugh. Many thanks, and awesome idea- i would love to do something like this- my only regret with my stash is that i dont get to look at it!

  • I love it, but I don’t think my husband would be too thrilled… although… it may prompt him to turn a WHOLE ROOM over to me and my yarn!!!

  • Do you have any ideas for adding tags with information about the yarn? I would need to know what type of yarn and hook size the label calls for. I love this idea!! Oh and you could just put like a little awning above the top layer of yarn to protect it from dust and I think it would be really cute as well. 🙂

  • My yarn stash was jammed into a closet in my office and I haven’t opened the door for a very long time. My daughter and I pulled it all out and sorted it by yarn type. We placed them in large plastic duffle bag. We are not done & there are at least 10+ bags sitting in my
    hallway. Today I stumbled in here to view this magnificent work of art.which took my breath away. Colors make me smile. so I am on my way to Home Depot for hardware and boards. Thank you so much for this wonderful information and design.

  • I just shared this with my husband and we were discussing how impractical it would be for me, because we have a relentless and resourceful cat who thinks all yarn belongs to HIM. Nik instantly came up with a solution: Go ahead and build the pegboard wall, but mount glass doors around it (depending on your specific space, you may or may not need to build a frame to hang the doors on). A shallow DIY glass-fronted cabinet, basically. That way, the yarn is protected from the cat–and potentially from dust, too–but it’s still on display!

  • I love the idea, but wonder if the stash wouldn’t get dusty over time or worse, attract moths. It looks so pretty, just like a fancy art installation in gallery.

    • My question is the same. What about wool and moths? For my yarn stash, zip lock bags are the only way.

  • I love your site, but unfortunately I won’t be back. I don’t like language that is so unnecessary like “ass” and “shit”. It ruins what you are writing and trying to get across. Your writing is good, but you don’t need these words and they don’t add anything to your column – only take away. Sorry – I don’t like unnecessary words like those. Your writing can stand on it’s own without the offensiveness.

      • Don’t you love people who complain about your language? She could easily just stopped coming by your blog and kept her thoughts to herself. Instead she feels it necessary to scold you. It’s a free country and you’re entitled to use whatever language you want to! And she is free to read it or not read it. But she really should not be scolding you in public. You’re an adult, and she is too (I assume) and she should try to act like one.

      • Lorna– you speak my language, literally. I was hooked because you added some “color”. Thanks for keeping it real.

    • I am always dazed and amazed at assholes like you who get on the internet, are SHOCKED AND APPALLED when someone says “fuck”, and follows up with the desperate need to shit all over everyone else’s life. If you’re that much of a tight-ass that you can’t handle profanity, maybe you should get off the internet and go somewhere that you won’t be ~offended~ by human beings. May I suggest the far arctic North? I doubt you’ll need a coat, your frigid personality will keep you safe.

    • Your loss. I mean seriously she has wonderful ideas and seems like a very sweet and creative person who has taken time to share her ideas. That you chose not to use those words is what you feel comfortable with but how dare you make someone feel anything but appreciated who is not pushing herself on you. You came to her site, you choose to read her ideas, now get over yourself.

  • Great idea!!! and there are cedar blocks you can buy on amazon.com to stash in among your stash to keep away moths… now I just have to find some wall space to hang mine 😉

    • Hillary, I was shocked how little space it took. I thought it would use two walls and only used half! Like I said, I had 15 large drawers full. You’d be surprised! What do you mean, you’d have to un-ball balls you balled (LOL!)?

  • THIS! Oh my boyfriend is going to HATE you, but I might actually love you. And crocheting (hooker here) right off the wall? Gah, this is like porn for yarnies!

      • I did it! My first Pinterest project ever! You are THAT awesome. I don’t know how to (or if I can) post a picture here, but you can see it on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/squishycouture (Ack! I should have linked to your blog. I’ll do that now.) I absolutely love love love it. I’ve already rearranged it 100 times since the picture was taken and my 6 year old thinks it’s the neatest thing she’s ever seen.

  • This is brilliant! I’m already looking at my craft room trying to figure out if I can use this idea… My Hubby doesn’t seem particularly excited but I sure am and if we manage to put this together he’ll appreciate not having skeins of yarn littering the house… LOL! 😀

  • Beautiful display, Lorna, but I have about 20 times that much yarn and lathe and plaster walls. hanging stuff on them is a major PITA. I keep my acrylics in huge mesh laundry bags and my wools in plastic bins with moth balls. My yarn is taking over my house, but since I’m alone with just two dogs, it doesn’t really bother us. 🙂

    • Same here, I love my yarn plus all the left overs from those who don’t want it anymore . How about a bookcase with peg board in the back of the shelves. Then attach a zippered acrylic cover around the edge with perhaps another zipper in the centre. The yarn itself is a work of art.

  • I love the idea of yarns on display and think it would work for me for the yarns needed for WIPs. But too much yarn waiting in the wings to mount it all on the wall. My stash is in plastic crates, cardboard boxes, cupboards, bags … and is taking over the house! As for finding the centre of the ball, sometimes easy, sometimes a good wiggle is required before untangling the resultant small ball that eventually emerges. But using the yarn from the centre certainly prevents the ball rolling everywhere when in use or having to be kept restrained in a container. Happy knitting.

    • I know what you mean about all the yarn waiting in the wings! Still, you’d be surprised how much fits. I couldn’t believe how little yarn 15 drawers looked like.
      My sister knits from the outside of the ball and I don’t know how she prevents it from rolling around like you describe. It drives me mad!

      • I use my yarn from the ouside in as well (in balls) and I just have an extra small plastic empty tote and I throw the ball in there and let it go anywhere it wants in that tote. I do a lot of looming and it is easier if the yarn is kept pretty loose and unwinding it from a ball is the best way to not have to keep stopping and pull yarn out that gets caught up in the middle. Others I know who knit/crochet can’t stand the idea of a ball of yarn rolling free so I understand your aversion!! 🙂

  • Your project inspired me to do this for myself. One of my neighbors put a gun cabinet out on the curb … and it followed me home. It has a glass door and will look great once I’ve painted the outside. I’ve already bought pegboard and, for the ultimate in yarn storage, tongue-and-groove cedar boards to line it. I’m so excited by this project that I’m finding it hard not to hyperventilate. :o)

  • About how many cakes can you fit per square yard? I think this info would help everyone figure out space/quantity. I have tons of yarn, too, and doing this mathematically would help me know how much wall space I’d need. I’m moving soon, so definitely want to do this, IF the apartments will let me.

    • It would be nice if there were an easy calculation, right? It really varies with the size of the ball, though. The best plan I can give you is to wind it all first, then nestle it together on a table or something you can use as a measurement. You can see how many times it fills the table, or measure its dimensions if it’s less than one table. What do you think?

      • Good idea. I can just measure out a square yarn and fill it in, then count. I will do this once I move. I’m thinking of your average sized cakes that a ball winder makes. I’m thinking that the smaller stuff, threads, etc., can go I to some see through bins.

  • I saw this on Pinterest, but it wasn’t until I saw you liked one of my posts that I actually read your article. I’m running out of space to hide my yarn. I may have to copy this.

  • I love that your yarn is stored out of the way, beautifully displayed, and quite accessible, but I believe you’ve gone beyond the trifecta for it IS art in it’s current state! Art that is almost living for it will change and evolve over time. Maybe yours should be smack dab over the couch front and center! With a gentle, uv-appropriate light hi-lighting it to all who enter! Beautiful.

  • You and this project have saved my life!! Literally, I think I may have drowned in yarn until I discovered your “yarn wall”. I have put mine on the inside of the door to my art cupboard and it looks beautiful. It has freed up so much space for more art supplies, which makes my daughter groan because she thinks I am an art supply hoarder, but makes me so happy! As someone who does many arts and crafts, space for supplies is worth more than gold! I plan to make a smaller pegboard piece for my cotton yarn which I will hang on the wall as art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Anomaly, I’m so glad to hear you used this idea! I’d love to see pics. Do you have any up anywhere? Your craftiness sounds so fulfilling. Do you do craft nights? How do you fit in time to craft?

      • Creating and craft really is a big part of my life. It keeps me sane! I have a degenerative back problem, so I am unable to do much more than make stuff; so that’s what I do. I find it therapeutic (mentally and physically) and for me the act of creation is so important in a world where destruction is rife.
        http://instagram.com/p/Yp0B7zGy6S/ is where you’ll see a pic of my finished yarn wall 🙂

  • I love your idea of winding the yarn and using the peg board! I bought a yarn winder today and started the winding process. I can’t get a whole skein into one ball. As a matter of fact, I can’t even get it into 2 balls per skein and I am winding baby sport yarn! This isn’t going to save me any space. Help! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Oh, yes, those huge skeins will take 2 balls or so. I suggest pulling on the yarn as you wind it to give it lots of tension. That makes the ball cinch up a little tighter. Also, you can make them pretty darn huge if you’re careful towards the end. Lastly, don’t worry, I promise it saves space because it uses wall space that wasn’t in use and you can pack them in really closely on the wall. Let me know how it goes!

      • I give my “cakes” just enough tension that they take the right shape but not so much that the hole in the middle disappears when I take it off the ball winder. Too much tension + knitting + washing the finished piece = unhappy surprise.

  • Awesome Idea! Im doing this for my small bedroom
    I don’t have a lot of room to store my yarn I have been using my desk drawers but all are packed with balled yarn and I have to spend so much time looking for what I want. I also have yarn in totes in my closet due to storage constants again its hard to find anything. I think a moth ball would help or maybe dryer sheets for those having a problem. I did have a question with those little needle drawer holder things at the end of the pegboard what did you use for that?

  • Lorna, love the pegboard idea for the beautiful wall display of yarn. I wanted to store my yarn without taking up closet or drawer space. I have yarn, fabric and rubberstamping supplies I am trying to organize. I didn’t want to attach pegboard to my wall as I often rearrange things and my yarn stash isn’t that large. I cut some pegboard to fit and old 36×36 picture frame so that I can move the display if I choose to. I can also add additional, smaller framed pegboards if I need to increase my storage. I’ve ordered a ball winder so I can get busy mounting my yarn. Thanx for sharing this wonderful idea that doesn’t require more real estate in my craft room.

  • Found this on the Lion Brand Facebook page, and LOVE love love your ideas!!! Thanks for sharing – and I NEED the Yarn Winder! So tired of doing it by hand; it takes forever!

  • Your idea is fantastic. I just decided to install a 6′ by 2′ pegboard in my craft room to hold all kinds of tools for my many crafts. Now I can also place yarn there, too. I need a yarn winder!

  • I love it. So pretty and useful. I’m going to have my husband make me one.

  • This! I absolutely love this! SO EFFING MUCH! You just yourself a new follower!

    Peg board is pretty cheap, too! This is soo damn cool!

      • I just showed this to my boyfriend and he is letting me put one up right above the couch! Heh! For years, my system has been that if I do not use a color for a year or more, I have to donate it. Now with this, I have a neat way of displaying it and do not have to feel bad when I give my yarn away.

  • I love it and oooooh how I wish I could have something like that, but my 4 kittens will quite literally climb to the roof if I leave them unsupervised for more than 2 seconds. Looks amazing though!

  • Very cool idea. My yarn (that I admit too!) is stored in an out-of-the way nook we have upstairs. My husband put together 4 of those 3×3 cubbie shelves (each square a foot square). I have those suckers stuffed. I have two white shelves and two dark ones. Wool on the right – acrylic on the left. Dark colors in the light shelves. Light colors in the dark shelves.

  • Is winding yarn a lost art? I remember holding skeins of yarn while my mother painstakingly wound them into neat balls BY HAND. Having just spent several evenings untangling a big bin full of odd skeins of yarn plus unravelling yards and yards of spool knitting from my daughter’s short-lived passion at age 12) I can attest to the soothing numbness of this activity, which got me through two seasons of “House of Cards” on Netflix. (Love the yarn storage idea, though)

    • No, it’s not! I’ve put in years of hand-winding before embarking on this project. And I still do it when I’m to lazy to walk over to my winder, LOL. Oooh I loved HOC. Were you watching the new or old one?

  • This is fantastic! Just yesterday, I made my first ball-winder ‘cake’ of yarn as I finally decided to get one. Now I want a swift to hold the hanks/skeins as I wind them. I love the peg-board idea, however I was wondering how to keep the yarn info with the balls – but someone mentioned that you’d stick the paper inside the ball before pegging it. I converted a small closet into my office/craft room and this would totally open up the space and make it less claustrophobic. I can’t wait. Thanks for the laughs and the idea.

    • Since there’s no way I could get my entire stash on one wall, let alone into the cabinet I converted for storage, I’m just putting one “cake” — with a tag listing content and approx. amount I have — into the cabinet. The bulk of my stash will be in numbered bins; the number of the bin holding the balance of a particular cake of yarn will be on the tag. Or at least this is my goal. :o)

    • Great, congrats on starting your project and reclaiming your stash! Actually, it’s best to stick the paper in the middle of the ball as you pull it off the winder. The winder has a big peg, so it’s easy to roll up the paper and slip it in as you pull it off.

  • I want that small multi blue that hangs out by your head in all the pictures. At least tell me what the name is so I can find my own little jewel!

  • mmm yes wellll….. maybe if I tell my friend about this idea, all the moths in the city will head for her house! I had some deep picture frames made, like butterfly specimen cases and my prettiest skeins of the moment are safely behind glass and away from chewing beasties and gathering dust, to be replaced by other pretty skeins when I’m tired of looking at them or want to knit the ones in the frames now.

  • Girl, you need to STOP!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be cool to one day, just sit down and wind all these unruly skeins of yarn into more usable center-pull balls. But I had no idea winders were so reasonably priced! And THEN the awesome pegboard storage deal! I’m thinking maybe rig up some inside-walk-in-closet-door setup. Easy access and not much dust moving around in there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Whaaa!? You just solved the blogoshpere’s dust problem. Who knew there was so much dust on the internet? I haven’t had any issues with mine yet, so I must be lucky. I’d love to see you make this project!

      • I’m GONNA make this project! You have inspired this old broad! I ordered my yarn windy-uppy-thing yesterday and can’t wait til it hits the “veranda”!!!! I’ll probably wait and see just how big of a “problem” (yarn habit) I have after it’s all wound, before I go check out the peg board situation, because as you pointed out, it should take up much less space now. At the moment, I have it all in plastic bins. What a pain in the a** to have to haul down all the stuff stacked ON TOP of the bins, then dig through them to find what I’m looking for. I must admit, I’ve sometimes just skipped the “looking through what I already have” part and gone on and bought more yarn just to keep from doing all that digging. Bad girl. Bad “habit”. But seriously, about that inspiring part, just look back at ALL these posts. Look at the creativity in other people you’ve triggered. You should be very proud! Thanks again! If you ever make it to Northwest Alabama, y’all hollah!

  • What’s great about this idea is that it is decorative as well as practical. I would love to have a little room with all four walls completely covered in balls of yarn.

  • …and as a vocalist, my first reaction to the “four walls completely covered in balls of yarn” thing….think of the acoustic benefits!!!!

  • Great idea. I think the metal pegs would also hold my spun (or unspun) bobbins from my spinning wheel…. It looks so beautiful!

  • Such a beautiful display, but what about moths. Also, I have so much yarn, it would cover all four walls in at least one room, and part of another one (yes, I have a serious problem!). LOL!

  • I had this idea last week, but to keep the walls clear, I am building a 2×4 frame to slip the peg boards into. I’m planning to use 4×4 peg boards and keep them up high enough to be visible and accessible above my crafting desk/table. Also, I’ve wrapped all of my yarn around toilet paper rolls which I am just going to slide over round dowels hooked into the holes.

  • http://webeccasays.blogspot.com/2008/05/tilta-swift.html
    Just had to leave y’all this other brilliant thing I discovered. So far, I’ve not needed my own yarn swift because up to now, what I’ve bought has come in skeins (ie?). However, in that I’m using more natural fibers now, I know at some point I’ll need one. Do I really need to put the money into buying one whan I’d only need it occasionally? Not so much. But check out this link. You can make one yourself with stuff you probably already have around the house, or at least very cheaply if you do have to buy any of it. I haven’t made it yet, but this thing is getting really good reviews. I just had to bring this other faba-lus idea here where I found the other one!!!

    • So I finally got my pegboard thingy done and up. Awesome idea, Girl. And thanks for the heads up on the $30 ball winder! Awesome again. Used it a lot already. And I finally made one of these swifts and by JOVE, it worked like a charm! I already had every single thing I needed. It didn’t cost me one red cent!!!!!!! I had a small piece of that rubbery mesh stuff you use under rugs to keep them from slipping around. And by the way, Darlin’, YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  • I love your ideas!! You are also hilarious lol. I followed you on Instagram (:

  • I’d love to know opinions on dividing one’s yarn by weight, by company, by color, by content or some other ingenious way. All suggestions welcome!

  • Wish I could upload a photo of my yarn wall. I came up with the exact same idea at almost exactly the same time. Instead of the metal hooks and rewinding, I use carefully sanded wooden dowels of various lengths to accommodate the different sizes of full skeins and balls. One end of the dowels is tapered with a pencil sharpener. Unfortunately, a single ‘ply’ of pegboard won’t hold the dowels, so we had to double it. The yarn is organized by color, weight, and content. The one thing you have that I don’t is the pockets for accessories. I’ll be adding those.

  • I’m just imagining my very over organised friend drawing the outline of each ball on the pegboard. Tee hee.

    Seriously, this is a really good idea. It would probably work on a room divider or folding screen too.

    A wine bottle rack could be used for yarn storage, especially one of those iron racks, with doors, that looks like a small closet and was trendy 10 years ago.

  • A tip for everyone my boyfriend came up with this, if you have some old coat hangers you can make the peg hooks its a lot cheaper then store bought peg hooks , you just need wire hanger and some needle nose pliers you will need some store bought hooks so you can make yours the same size
    see the bellow picture for what my guy did hope this idea is used 🙂

  • Heading to Lowes today to get my pegboard! Hoping to install it behind the door in my studio! I have 8 Rubbermaid bins jammed packed with yarn…if I can empty half of them I will be stoked! Thanks so much for the great idea!

  • I am going to the store and creating this tomorrow. My boyfriend and I just moved and he was astonished with the amount of yarn that I have…and that I want to organize it somewhere pretty; HOWEVER, he actually thought this was a cool and brilliant idea. You, my dear, are not only a yarn genius, but also a lifesaver!

  • I just love you. I first saw a pic of your nook just doing a bing search for yarn storage and then I came across your page. The way your personality comes through is just awesome. Not only do I have the kitty to worry about, but my toddler likes to unravel all my cotton yarn when no one is looking. Right now I just have a cardboard box and a giant zippered bag that came with my new bedding full of yarn. I hope I can figure out a way to store all my yarnage that is renter appropriate (no screws in the walls). I will get there… I will. Lol

    • Charle, you’re so cute! Thanks you so much. I would suggest doing a board out of toddler reach, like starting at waist height. There are tons of other great ideas in the comments here. Good luck!

  • Lorna, sorry if you’ve already had this question but I got stuck halfway through this because I’m not sure what to buy to hang it away from the wall – and also specifically what kind of hooks to get. I looked up “straight hooks” on the Home Depot website and got like 50 results, and they are all different! Do you think you could link me to the actually pack you used? Or have any suggestions? My brain is somehow not clicking with what I see in the pictures.
    Also – I am so in love with my center pull winder. Thank you for suggesting it. It’s so very gratifying to have made my stash go from two giant totes to one small one. Crazy!!

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  • You could also just store you wool on lengths of dowel, slim plastic plumbing pipe or store it in clear shoe boxes

  • I just did this in my home after bookmarking and oggling the idea for months. I must say I love how it looks and all of my crafty friends are inspired. I sent them to your page for better pictures, but they are excited as well!

  • Hello, genius knitter! Wanted to leave an exuberant comment letting you know that I bought my pegboard, painted it sky blue, found a bunch of pegs, and began winding my yarn… I have exactly 14 cakes of yarn up on the pegboard and am pretty much giddy with excitement. Husbeau came in and asked how it was going and all I could do was grin and jump up and down. Love this project! Thank you so much!

    • Aimee, thanks for sharing your hard work here! It sounds like you’re having tons of fun with it. Isn’t it wonderful to have it all on the wall? Painting the pegboard is great idea too! I might have to try that next time!

  • Aahhhh, its 3am and all I can think about is how soon can I get to a store to buy what I need for this. My heart is racing just thinking about it. I live in a 12x7ft room. I’m a 27 year do adult who’s whole life needs to fit in it with a double bed and not just a serious yarn nut but also have a healthy book, fabric, fiber and makeup collection too. I need to get creative and darn it this is it! Thank you so much. The peg board idea will also help me hold my hand looms as well.

  • Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say
    I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any
    other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?
    Appreciate it!

  • Oh, my goodness! I had this idea and thought it could be so cool, but NO IDEA on how to pull it off….until now…. THANK YOU AND ROCK ON!!

  • I LOVE this idea. I showed it to hubby. I have been scouring the internet and friends brains for yarn storage ideas for a while. Problem is…. last time I counted I had over 3000 (no, not a typo) skeins of yarn. I have most of it in the big plastic storage tubs, most is color coordinated, but it is still a PITA to find the right shade, weight etc. Hmmmm with enough peg board, I could insulate my entire house with my yarn and save hundreds on heating costs!

  • Will this really deter your cat from pinching your yarn? I can’t imagine our cat being stopped by storaging yarn a mere meter off the floor. I would love to do what you’ve done here, but I am truly worried about where, and in what condition, my yarn will end up every morning…

  • Sorry for the late response, I just clicked a link to get to this. This really is the best yarn storage idea EVER! Nice photos too btw!

  • love the storage idea, one question…once you’ve wound everything how do you keep track of the band with info on it?

  • That looks great, my main concern would be fading from light exposure. Moths wouldn’t be a problem though as the Case Making Clothes Moth hates the light and would be much happier in your drawers or wardrobe where it’s nice and dark.
    Unfortunately I don’t see it working for me; would probably take up all my wall space as I have a very large stash, and a kitty who has been known to remove wool from a glass fronted cabinet if I forget to close the door properly; this despite said wool being covered by fabric..

  • So, I will now be covering all the walls in my house in pegboard to display my stash! Seriously, it would take that much wall space. I’ve decided a better idea is to sell some of it since it’s way beyond a single S.A.B.L.E. However, now that I know my “yarn bowl” like Vanna’s is an antique, I’m hanging onto it. 🙂 My aunt gave it to me years ago after she’d stopped knitting in her 80’s. I know she bought it at a department store in the Boston area and I’m also sure she didn’t pay a lot for it ’cause she was very thrifty. I’m guessing that was sometime in the 50’s, maybe late 40’s at the earliest and I had never seen another one until today on the video.

  • One of the funniest yarn posts I’ve ever read. I am totally loving your little nook! Super cute and I could sit there for hours on end. Awesome storage idea and although my stash is nowhere near yours, I love this idea and saved it for future use.

    Have a great day!!

  • Thanks so so much for the peg board storage idea! I’ve been going around and around on which way to store my yarn that I just have a big mess! Storage containers of any kind take up too much room. This is the best idea for me. I’m so happy to have found this!

  • Great idea! Wonderful! I wish I had so much yarn…..its My dream but j can not afford to have a second skein of yarn. I am a new weaver and love knitting socks but unemployeed. I hope,one day,I will have so much yarn,so I will need this wonderful idea!
    Maria from Greece

  • Great idea but (and you knew there was a “but” coming), how in the world do you keep track of fiber type along with all the other label information???

  • Hi, Just have a question I hoped you could answer. I’ve come across some yarn I had stored away for about 20 years (acrylic red heart).
    It looks fine, do you think it’s still good? Thanks

  • I WILL be using this idea! I love it! I just revamped my sewing room…I have an entire wall I can put at least two peg boards on! Thanks so much for this idea!!! Love…love ..love it!!!!!

  • Thank you for this idea, i put my own spin on it by painted my pegboard purple and adding a couple wall stickers as i dont have enough pegs yet. i have help on to this idea for 2 and 1/2 years so that i could have my own version. thanks again

  • I love this idea so much! I have a nice bit of corner wall space in my craft room between a cabinet and the other wall that ended up being the perfect size for a single peg board.
    I’ve seen a lot of questions about dust collection on the top balls, and I just thought I’d mention that I’m putting a shelf above mine to avoid that problem (plus, moar storage space! haha), incase that’s helpful for anyone else. 🙂

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  • How did you make the larger cakes? I recently received a yarn winder and I love it! For the most part, I’ve been caking my floppy used skeins but I tried caking a new skein of Vanna’s Choice and the bottom it was too much for my winder.

    • I pull the metal leader away from the cake as it starts to run into it. I also pull the yarn tight a little as it winds. This all helps make a big, dense cake. Basically, I just convince it to do what I want!

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