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Yarn Bombed Monster Chairs

The question we most commonly got about our Buttmunches, the yarn bombed monster benches we did at San Francisco’s Ferry Building, was: Can I have one? So we said yes! Each meticulously handmade Buttmunch chair exhibited at Unleashed Art Gallery over the summer. The green chair is still available in the shop here. Contact us for a viewing at Claremont Art Studios or to discuss your idea for custom kids furniture or whimsical decor.

Yarn bombed monster chairs knit chairs knit bomb

Yarn bombed monster chairs knit chairs knit bomb



Rooty the Stilt-Walking Carrot Yarnbomb


We love inspiring people to make the world a sillier place. Last week we saw so many monster benches and monster feet on Instagram that we decided it’s time to bring a fun, new transformative concept to life. To brainstorm, we headed to an auspicious place to get our gears spinning: the park directly adjacent to the home of the original Maker FaireBay Meadows Park. A new park in a windy spot, all the trees are young with support poles. At first glance, this could pose a problem to the imagination, without any grand shapes in which to envision giant squid and palm trees. Instead of being deterred we embraced those skinny little trios of poles dotting the field. Within minutes, one cute, leafy tree top in particular sparked our make-believe session with visions of vegetables traipsing across the field. A few measurements later, and off to the studio we went to bring him to life. As always, here we post a bit of our process to inform your own yarn bombs. You’ll notice we’ve begun documenting the process with Snapchat. Follow our story to see what we get up to and show us your work too! (more…)