Custom Work

My custom work is the perfect way to make your business ideas resonate with trend-setters, or to create the perfect gift when it doesn’t exist.

Contact me to play together!

I love to do installations and custom objects big and small. Let’s imagine a window display, bring your logo and brand to life, or brainstorm some guerrilla marketing yarn bombs. If you don’t have a business, let’s dream up a custom fangirl accessory, a perfect gift, or an heirloom treasure. Sky’s the limit!

Pricing ranges by design and construction requirements, plus materials. Rates are negotiable for certain organizations and individuals. Contact me for an free estimate, or just to discuss your project.

Neighborhood revitalization

Client: Downtown San Mateo Association, San Mateo, California.

Concept: Transform a busy but run-down corner into a hotspot for residents and business patrons.

“Marvellous!” – Jessica Evans, Executive Director of the DSMA

“Beautiful!” “Thank you!” – Residents and local businesses

squidtree yarnbomb san mateo  squid tree yarn bomb san mateo

squidtree yarnbomb

Sackboy avatars

Client: Private group of motorcycle adventurers.

Concept: Customize roadtrip avatars based on the video game, LittleBigPlanet, for photo ops across North America.

“We asked for avatars to use for photo-ops during our journey from Alaska to Mexico. It’s not always possible to find a stranger on the road to take a picture of us together and doing a four-person selfie (with helmets on!) is difficult, at best. This allowed us to be represented in fun ways throughout the trip and our Facebook photos definitely stood out!” – Jen, Shelley, Mike and Lori in the San Francisco Bay Area

sackboy amigurumi sackboy amigurumi

Barbershop photo booth props

Client: Fade County Barbershop, Miami.

Concept: Photobooth prop mask with interchangeable facial features, including the shop’s face logo and trademark facial hair services. All props mounted on framed felt matching the shop’s interior design.

“I’m constantly looking to continue branding our name. Even though we are a small business in size I treat it with the highest possibilities. [I wanted] to brand our name and logo in a creative fashion.” – Jorge Fleites, owner

Fade County Barbershop Fade County Photo Booth Props Custom Crochet Fade County Photo Booth Props Custom Crochet

Love long-distance

Client: Private individual and ideal boyfriend.

Concept: Recreate the teddy bear from his long-distance girlfriend’s favorite TV show, Mr. Bean, as a gift for her visit. Include custom embroidery, a pocket, and a secret pouch in a color inspired by the Ecuadorian cloud forest.

“She’s visiting in a week so I thought I would get her something nice to surprise her with and what better than the Mr. Bean bear. Your work really stood out [and the] time frame [was] perfect.” – Cody in Brooklyn

mr bean teddy bear

mr bean teddy bear

Giant logo plushie

Client: My Outdoor Alphabet, an outdoor kids retailer.

Concept: Giant acorn logo prop for a #HugTheAcorn social media campaign at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Show in 2013. Plus, small acorn ornaments for giveaways.

“We commissioned KFL to create a giant crochet acorn–our logo–for a tradeshow. Not only was the acorn perfect, we were also delighted by the addition of many ornament-size acorns. Our cuddly new mascot was such a hit that it inspired a meme on Twitter and Instagram, as people rallied to #hugtheacorn.” – Teresa Delfín, CEO

My Outdoor Alphabet logo#hugtheacorn campaign with Knits for Life and My Outdoor Alphabet #hugtheacorn custom work by Knits for Life for My Outdoor Alphabet

Downtown beautification

Client: Downtown San Mateo Association and the City of San Mateo

Concept: Yarn bomb dilapidated fixtures and highlight biking and walking. Teach and lead volunteers to install yarn bombs.

“Your Yarn-Bombing kept coming up as the highlight of the event… People just keep talking about it and taking pictures of your talents all around town.” – Downtown San Mateo Association

“The clever disguises are surprising and bringing a lot of enjoyment to downtown customers.” – City Manager of San Mateo

Downtown San MateoDowntown San Mateo Yarn Bomb Volunteers Downtown San Mateo Yarn Bomb Volunteers Lollipop Parking Sign Yarn Bomb Bike Rack Meter Yarn Bomb Bike Rack Yarn Bomb Monster Feet Mailbox Yarn Bomb

Showcase a bestseller

Client: Takahashi Market, a 100-year-old local institution specializing in Hawaiian goods in San Mateo, CA.

Concept: Create a giant plushie SPAM musubi, the market’s specialty Hawaiian comfort food and best seller, to display around the shop. Also, create bacon and egg layers and smaller musubis for display and for sale.

“Amazing! It came out great! We have a name for the big guy now… Thinking of using Sam the SPAM for a t-shirt design.” – Norma Takahashi

Crochet SPAM musubi Crochet SPAM musubi Crochet SPAM musubi

Eye-catching uniforms

Client: The Chocolate Garage, a tasting room for the world’s finest small-batch chocolates in Palo Alto, CA.

Concept: Eye-catching accoutrements in company colors to identify employees in the spirit of “happy chocolate.”

“At the 2013 Good Food Awards in San Francisco people stopped to Instagram us in the scarves–with our company name right below on our shirts!” – Sunita de Tourreil, CEO

The Chocolate GarageCustom crochet by Knits for Life for The Chocolate Garagechartreuse crochet chain link scarf

Keep a tradition alive

Client: Private individual on and her growing extended family.

Concept: Hand knit several recreations of grandma’s vintage Christmas stockings for new family members. Using photocopies, I tracked grandma’s pattern down on knitting social networks –it dated all the way back to 1935!

“Beautiful work… It looks amazing! I want to order 4 more. You are very talented… I can’t even imagine being able to recreate this!!” – Linda on Etsy

Personalized Vintage Christmas StockingPersonalized Knitted Christmas Stocking Vintage Christmas Stocking detailPersonalized Vintage Christmas Stocking detailPersonalized Christmas Stocking by Knits for Life

Cheetah Fanboy

Client: Private individual and cheetah-lover on

Concept: Recreate two versions of a costume prop from the adventure movie Duma, an adult-sized beanie and one for a “pet” cheetah.

“I am looking for quality and authenticity above all else… It is perfect! Brought it into work yesterday, and all the people who have watched the movie wanted to see your creation. Thank you for welcoming the animals into your knitting world.” – Zori’s Friend on Etsy

Duma_302066701photo photo 2Custom Crochet Beanie


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