GitHub Universe Yarn Bombed Benches

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Despite much tension between art and tech in pricey Silicon Valley, an interesting symbiosis is also happening. Young professionals appreciate the art, especially street art, just as they appreciate good food, coffee, and barbering. The tech companies they build enact these values, engaging local artists to inspire their workforce.

“It’s a visual and a physical manifestation of what’s happening on the computers,” Bennett says. “You could just present your values on a piece of paper. But inviting a diverse group of independent artists to work alongside us is a more genuine expression of that creative process.” – Drew Bennett, artist.

We thrive on this symbiosis. As Bay Area natives, innovation and creation are inherent in us. Producing live installation art, knit props for events and advertising, and yarn bombed corporate art is our Silicon Valley version of Hollywood production. Ever since our childhood fantasies of conjuring characters in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, we’ve always wanted to make new things with a team from one project to the next. What a ride!

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props GitHub1

We felt right at home in the electricity of GitHub Universe, the first conference by GitHub on how engineers build, collaborate, and deploy great software. We yarn bombed three interactive sponsor benches for the two-day event with 1AM SF street art gallery, who created four other pieces of visually-stunning live installation art. According to the event producers, the pieces were in high demand by sponsors!

GitHub Universe 1AM SF CupWall

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Target2


A custom yarn bomb is more than just a sign.

Just a few weeks before the event, we began to customize each design with a sponsor, drawing on different visual concepts and technical capabilities to achieve their goals. Our artistic style of yarn bombing is to engage the viewer, perfect for pieces that get people to interact with your brand.

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props GitHub2

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props GitKraken2

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Target1

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Waffle3


A yarn bomb installation is a perfect photo op to get your brand shared on social media.

But! Virality is a fickle mistress, so it’s crucial to conceptualize and utilize a custom prop creatively. GitKraken gave us the useful, conceptual prompt to create a “wildly colorful reinterpretation of the brand identity”. Thinking of a yarn bomb as more than just a sign is the best way to ignite brand interaction. Plus, GitKraken employed the yarn bombed bench as a social media treasure hunt, filling the entire event hashtag with photos of their brand. Our most successful yarn bomb props result from this kind of deliberate collaboration with a creative team.

Knit Bench Yarn Bomb Knit Props GitKraken5


A yarn bomb invokes your logo in a surprising, tactile manner that carries a spirit of creativity and authenticity.

People just can’t keep their hands off your brand when it’s textural knit yarn. The quality of our work looks painted from afar, but its unusual placement requires closer inspection. We expertly select the right form from the variety of techniques we’ve mastered over the years: from hand stitching crochet pieces, to knitting around foam, to programming vintage consumer knitting machines with colorwork charts. We even hacked one machine with an Arduino to bring it up to date!

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props GitKraken3

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Target3

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Waffle1

A live yarn bomb installation is a great way to entertain and grab your audience’s attention.

Contrasted with the street cred of aerosol art, live yarn bombing is approachable and fascinating. Viewers who stop ask those questions they always wondered: who does this stuff, how do you get it on, how long does it take? A bench like these takes the two of us about a week to make in our studio and four hours to install on-site. Our meticulous approach uses precise measurements to create dozens of small panels (e.g., 30 for the Target bench) which we then hand sew on-site.

We also love to share our process on social media and encourage clients to embrace the excitement with us on up-and-coming platforms like Periscope, fresh and new ones like Snapchat, and on the classics like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Bring your hashtags and handles!

A yarn bomb is a lasting investment you can bring back to the office and reuse at your next event.

A yarn bomb is playful and creative, the values that a lot of tech companies strive to inspire in their workforce every day. We noticed GitHub employees frequently use an analogy with the Octocat mascot to describe the company’s place in the tech ecosystem. If you have a proud backstory to your brand identity, a yarn bomb in the office makes a perfect prompt to tell it.

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props Waffle1

Knit bench yarn bomb knit props GitHub


Have an idea for a yarn bomb? Want to see what we’re working on now? Get in touch or follow us online!



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