4th of July Weekend Yarnbombing Spree

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Hope you American guys had a great holiday weekend full of “oooh’s and aaah’s” at sparkly fireworks. We took the opportunity to get some yarnbombs up around the sleepy lagoon town, Foster City. You may remember that we threatened to publish the patterns for these. Jill demanded more photos for the pattern layouts, so more installs were in order. Cycling the shores on our PUBLIC bike and Schwinn, we found an amazing spot for a future yarnbomb. Sign up to get notified when the patterns come out here.

knits for life yarnbombing in progress
Ain’t no better way to crochet yarnbombs than over boba tea and popcorn chicken!

Monster Feet Yarnbomb

This is my first experience with a yarnbomb disappearing in a very short time. These cuties lasted just two days. I think that with all the work I’ve done, that’s pretty good!

Monster Feet Bus Stop Yarnbomb by Knits for Life Monster Feet Bus Stop Yarnbomb by Knits for Life

Frog Foot Yarnbomb

Jill imagines a whole cascade of frog feet leapfrogging down this lagoon-side amphitheater bannister. Sounds good to me, as long as she does the crocheting!

Frog Foot Yarnbomb

String Art Bench Yarnbomb

I’m always inspired by HOTTEA‘s Minneapolis fence work and have been spying these park benches for months to try my hand at it. We dropped our bikes on the grass, I stared at the bench, and said to Jill:

“I want to do something spontaneous on this that nevertheless looks amazing.”

“Right–good luck with that,” she empathized.

We dorked out a bit with words until this pun came to my word-nerd mind. I didn’t even count it out or try to center it at all, and it turned out perfect! Sometimes you just gotta play and stop stressing and see what happens!

Park It Embroidery Yarnbomb by Knits for Life Park It Embroidery Yarnbomb by Knits for Life Park It Embroidery Yarnbomb by Knits for Life

What have you seen lately?

More and more people have not only heard of yarnbombing, but seen it too. What have you guys been seeing lately? I love stalking the yarnbomb and yarnbombing hashtags on Instagram. Tag me (@knitsforlife) in pics around the net or comment below to show me what’s happening in your neck of the world!



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