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Super Stylish Crochet Lace iPad & MacBook Sleeves

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Recycled bottles turned into handmade functional fashion

Are you tired of choosing between functionality and fashion? Do you wish your iPad and MacBook matched your crochet TOMS? Never fear, Knits for Life is here. An eco-friendly, hand-crocheted iPad or MacBook sleeve is a smart investment that will cuddle your device ’til it’s obsolete.Crochet Lace Laptop Bags Three Sizes Text

My iPad MacBook sleeves are the best and here’s why

Three fashionable pastel colors.
Three device sizes: iPad Mini, iPad, 11″ MacBook Air.
Made with fiber spun from recycled plastic bottles.
Certified USPS Priority shipping with a tracking number.
I plant a rainforest tree with The Nature Conservancy for every item sold.
Comes with a pretty herbal pouch to scent your drawers, or microwave it and use it as a pocket warmer!
Free gift wrap and personal message.
Super high quality work: I am a perfectionist with an eye for details, even on the inside.
Exclusive Knits for Life design to crochet these sleeves that you won’t see anywhere else.
I can accommodate special requests like organic or vegan fibers, and custom device sizes.

Crochet Lace MacBook Sleeve Size

Crochet Lace iPad Sleeve Sizes

Crochet Lace iPad Mini Sleeve size

Wholesale pricing available for retailers

Contact me at KnitsForLife at gmail dot com for prices and turnaround times.

Handmade Crochet Lace

Make your own!

Join my entourage here to get exclusive discounts on the soon-to-be-released crochet pattern, with instructions for all three sizes.







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