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New Crochet Lace Laptop Bags

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I was seeing things.

My aunt walked in to my grandma’s house carrying her laptop in a home made crochet bag and I did a double take. We crocheters always do double takes at crochet and knitting, but this was because I thought I saw her carrying a sleeve with a handle.

Duh! Everyone makes laptop sleeves, but then you have to carry it like a book. When what you really want to do is carry it like a bag. Turns out it was all a vision. My aunt was carrying a laptop sleeve by its flap as if it were a handle. I was in good company getting an idea this way. Isaac Mizrahi stops cabs to follow people on the street. Or rather, to follow their clothing.

Introducing my latest design, a laptop sleeve with a handle and in a fashionable crochet lace pattern. Buy it in fun colors or buy the pattern to make your own at


Lorna at Knits for Life



  • I love the idea of this but wonder if it would stretch out the handle to the point that it would not work? Maybe this would be better for ipads or smaller laptops? Just wondering how it holds up. Sweet look though!

    • Lee, I wondered the exact same thing. To test it, I used a flimsy yarn and my 2006 brick of a MacBook on a trip. I’m happy to say it’s holding up fine! In any case, I added two options for strengthening the handle in the pattern, and you can use both for super duper strength. Glad to see we were on the same page! xoxo Lorna

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