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Customer request: OySpaceMan! Menswear Beanie (sans scarf)

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I got a request from a happy customer to make this hat without the scarf it originally came with. He also wanted something to wear in the summer, so I switched out the acrylic white stripes with organic cotton ones. The blue in this hat is entirely recycled in Europe. As always, it’s a custom fit and comes with a tree donation. Get one for your favorite Doctor Who fan here:


  • Hi, this is a great hat. Will you be sharing a pattern for this? I’d love to try making one.

    • Thanks, Francis! I’m glad you like it. I will definitely be drawing up the pattern for this soon. I will email you when it comes out!

  • T^T I would absolutely love you forever if you would share the pattern for the hat/scarf/pocket project. I saw it on sale at Etsy – will there be resale rights? Even if not, I must have this pattern!!!

    • Hey Katrina! I just finished working the kinks out of the scarf part of the pattern for the hat + scarf + pocket. It will be up on Ravelry and Etsy soon. I might have a release party for my patterns, so I’ll let you know via email, k? Don’t know about resale rights yet. It’s all in the works!

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