Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial

A new craft mash-up for a new blog hop

Plastic Canvas Craft Tutorial

Why are plastic canvas crafts so… well, lame? When Diane at Crafty Pod asked for plastic canvas tutorials for this week’s blog hop, I signed up to challenge myself.

Here’s a medium ripe for experimentation in three dimensions, and for merging with other crafts. There must be some fun uses for it. Turns out, there are!

Papercrafts, meet plastic canvas

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial titleAfter learning some basic stitches and bending and folding pieces together, I realized what I was envisioning was similar to papercraft sculptures. VoilĂ , you can do any papercraft with plastic canvas! After spending time with bookworm relatives, I thought these paper corner monster bookmarks from Tally’s Treasury would be perfect gifts. Try some of the pictured paper crafts with plastic canvas. I challenge you to make ceiling cat or grumpy cat before I do!

page corner bookmarks

Ceiling cat papercraftGeoball bowl papercraft

Let’s begin!


Needlepoint Monster Bookmark materials

Cut out the face

needlepoint monster bookmark tutorial cut

Cross stitch the teeth

monster bookmark tutorial collage 1Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial toothNeedlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial--teeth

Stitch the edges

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial teeth edges

Gobelin stitch the face

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial faceNeedlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial gobelinNeedlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial - face

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial face parts

Stitch face parts together

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial - close

Stitch remaining edges

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial

Glue on eyes

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial


Now feed your monster bookmark some book pages! I’d absolutely love to see your projects on my Facebook page, or tag them @knitsforlife on Instagram. And stay tuned to the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop for more fun projects this week.

Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial



14 responses to “Needlepoint Monster Bookmark Tutorial

  1. OMG! This is so awesome! This is beyond fun. I bet kids would love doing it, too.

  2. How did you ever think of this? OMG I totally love your monster book marks. I have scraps left over from my own project and I know exactly what to do with them!

  3. Lorna, what a totally creative way to create a bookmark! I often think I do not read hard copy books as much anymore due to frustration of always losing my page. But something as colorful and practical as these – you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy and find these useful! Great post.

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