Customer Rewards

Every month I’ll pick one customer action shot from Knits for Life’s Facebook wall to send a crochet beanie, totally free!

“Sweet! I knew that was a good buy,” you say.

Yep, you were right. Now take a photo. Yep, it can be an OG MySpace snapshot in the bathroom with your cell or a silly webcam shot off your MacBook (brownie points for the ones that make you look like a genetic experiment.) As long as it has your pretty little face and your Knits for Life goods (Also cats. Please please please make it have a cat.)

Done? Phewf, that kinda gave me flashbacks of 2008. Now head over to Knits for Life’s Facebook wall to share it! I’ll blast each month’s winner across the interwebs at the beginning of the month.

“This bitch be co-azy. She really is giving it away!” you say.

I have a compulsive crochet habit and am passionate about connecting my hats with the people who love them. You win!

Since you have more questions, here’s more same-sized-print.

I get to choose the style and size of each month’s free hat. I might use your photo on the web only in association with Knits for Life. I get to choose the winner; it might be random, it might not. If you don’t claim your hat and confirm your address, you lose. If your hat is lost in the mail, you lose. If not, you win.

Now go post some customer action shots at!

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